THERABAND® Professional Latex Resistance Bands

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100% consistent pull force engineered by the global leader in resistance bands

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Self-manufactured, latex band production combines natural strength with best-in-class progression and recovery

Rehabilitate patients with confidence using latex bands that help increase strength, flexibility and range of motion

Premium Latex Construction for Quality and Durability
Made with natural latex, THERABAND professional latex resistance bands combine excellent strength with familiar stretch response and tactile feel

Transformational Results for Patients
Latex elastic bands maintain elongation properties and 100% consistent pull force over repeated use

Proven Science
Clinically proven concept of increased resistance built into the THERABAND Trusted Progression™ System, with engineered progression levels ranging from Super Light (2.4 lbs) to Elite (14.2 lbs)

Clinical Leader
Created by clinicians, for clinicians, these natural latex workout bands are trusted across the industry

Advance Patient Care with Confidence
Elastic resistance provides positive and negative force on muscles and joints, gradually increasing to help patients safely recover from injuries

THERABAND Resistance Band Loops in useTHERABAND Resistance Band Loops in use
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