Created by Clinicians for Clinicians

Created by Clinicians for Clinicians

The Originator and Global Leader in Resistance Bands and Products


Is the Original, the Innovator
and the Creator of the Category

Clinicians choose THERABAND to use quality products that are proven by science, ensuring performance.

Over our 40 years, hundreds of thousands of clinicians have been trained on THERABAND workout bands and products. Their confidence in THERABAND has transformed the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

THERABAND the Original, the Innovator and the Creator of the CategoryTHERABAND the Original, the Innovator and the Creator of the Category
THERABAND Trusted Progression™ SystemTHERABAND Trusted Progression™ System

Trusted Progression System

It’s Far More Than Eight Colors

THERABAND. It is far more than eight colors; it is an exacting color-coded system of resistance levels that are pull-force tested and validated at THERABAND manufacturing facilities to ensure band integrity.

We stand alone in providing clinicians the confidence to help their patients progress in their recovery. Our unique proprietary system of THERABAND exercise bands, tubing, CLX consecutive loops, high resistance bands, and more allow your patients to return to the activities they love.

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THERABAND Latex Resistance BandsTHERABAND Latex Resistance Bands
THERABAND Non-Latex Resistance BandsTHERABAND Non-Latex Resistance Bands
THERABAND Resistance Band LoopsTHERABAND Resistance Band Loops
THERABAND Resistance Band TubingTHERABAND Resistance Band Tubing
THERABAND High Resistance BandsTHERABAND High Resistance Bands
THERABAND Kinesiology TapeTHERABAND Kinesiology Tape
THERABAND Individual Dispenser PacksTHERABAND Individual Dispenser Packs

The Revolution in Resistance Training is Here

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