Icon of Arm with Flexed BicepIcon of Arm with Flexed Bicep

Simple, effective and high-quality treatment for elbow pain and strength building

Icon with Pencil and RulerIcon with Pencil and Ruler

Designed and engineered by the original, global leader in resistance products

Eliminate pain in the arm, hand and shoulder with an effective, non-surgical option to increase strength and dexterity

Premium Construction for Quality and Durability
12-inch/30.5 cm long with increasing diameters made from dry natural rubber for long term use

Transformational Results for Patients
Offers easy-to-grip texture with ridges for comfortable use during bending, twisting and oscillating movements

Clinical Leader Among Rehabilitative Professionals
Clinically proven to reduce elbow pain by 81% and increase strength by 72% for tennis elbow patients

Advance Patient Care with Confidence
Great for anyone suffering from overuse injuries to strengthen the arm and shoulder and reduce pain in the forearm and elbow

THERABAND Flexbar in useTHERABAND Flexbar in use
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