The Leader & Originator

Created by Clinicians for Clinicians

THERABAND was created over 40 years ago by two clinicians to help patients recover safely and confidently. Since then, THERABAND has transformed the lives of millions for the better. As the leader and pioneer, THERABAND is the standard that others measure themselves against.

Proven Science, Trusted Performance

Our exacting levels of pull-force testing and product validation - as well as our proprietary formulas, processes and Trusted Progression™ System. Designed and engineered in the USA, our product range includes latex and non-latex bands, tubing, band loops, CLX consecutive loops, high resistance bands, and more.

THERABAND Trusted Progression™ SystemTHERABAND Trusted Progression™ System

THERABAND + Clinicians

Hundreds of thousands of clinicians have been trained on THERABAND. Their confidence in has transformed patients’ lives worldwide.

We were born to serve clinicians & the patients they treat - they are the heart of the brand. 

THERABAND Flexbar in useTHERABAND Flexbar in use


Together we share one common goal, helping patients progress during their rehabilitation, because we both know that happiness and freedom come from your ability to do what you want.

Whatever your patient’s next goal, we are here to help surpass it. As THERABAND begins our next chapter, we hope you join us working together to help one patient at a time.

THERABAND Resistance Bands in useTHERABAND Resistance Bands in use

THERABAND products have transformed patient’s lives worldwide.
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