TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps+

TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps+
SKU: 2007-C

TheraBand Foam Roller Wraps+ can be added to any 6" diameter Foam Roller for hands-free myofascial release, deep and mild tissue massage, and muscle stretching. These Exercise help increase blood circulation, break up knots in muscles, and increase flexibility and range of motion. These ridged wraps can be used to effectively prepare the body for workouts, relax muscles post workout, or train the body using stabilization Exercise. They are available in four successive colors corresponding with progressive density; from the Yellow (X-Soft), which provides extra cushion for a more delicate massage, through the Blue (X-Firm), which provides advanced fascia mobilization. They are easily attached to standard 6" round Foam Rollers to allow you to perform effective stretches and challenging Exercise. Use of these Foam Rollers and Wraps can also be recommended as part of rehabilitation Exercise at various health centers and clinics as part of self-initiated wellness programs to facilitate recovery.

  • Foam Roller Wraps with ridges attach to any 6" round foam roller and are designed to enhance self-myofascial massage during rolling

  • Green, firm density wrap is great for applying deeper pressure to sore muscles and is more firm than red or yellow wraps

  • Easy to attach and remove with hook and loop strips, quickly interchange with thicker density wraps to target deeper tissue

  • Wraps are easy to clean and protect foam rollers, help them maintain form, and keep them looking like new

  • Individually packaged with detailed, exercise instructions featuring general techniques and advanced exercise divided by muscle region

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