THERABAND® High Resistance Bands

Improve patient rehabilitation and strength without need for free weights

Designed and engineered by the original, global leader in resistance products

Advancing rehabilitation and recovery with new levels of increased resistance bands

Premium, High-resistance Latex Band Loops
Durable band loops measuring 41 inches (1 m) long x 0.25 inch (.6 cm) thick are built to last and ensure consistency of pull force even after repeated stretching

Resistance Levels Range from 15-50 lbs (6.8–22.7 kg)
Pull forces stretching up to 100%-200% elongation strengthen muscles to transform therapy and advance patient recovery

Help Patients Advance Confidently
High-resistance bands designed to accelerate performance and increase strength by adding tension to common exercises performed in clinic and home

Resistance Indicator
Bands include a visual resistance indicator showing lbs/kg resistance oval turning to circle at 100% stretch. This helps improve user technique and track progression

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